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We help build products from idea to launch. We're business experts and can leverage the expeirence and the networks within the team. We help busy people solve problems using unique and practical products. Here are some of the exciting things we are working on.



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Innovation is the calling card of the future

- Anna Eshoo -


What does Salvador do?

Salvador is mainly about innovation, and internally we have created our own intellectual property and range of products. But we also aid in facilating innovation, by advising companies through the process. Ultimately allowing us to mentor and strategically position products and services, using our existing sales platform.

Why are the projects so varied?

We have a wide range of skillsets within the group and only work on projects that engage or resonate with us, or have truly innovative potential. However our skill sets overlap in many places, mainly in security and large business applications.

Why are some projects entangled with others, while others seem to be stand-alone?

It has been a process of assimilating ideas and people, with some naturally combining to form useful partnerships and others being very happy in their own space

Why Salvador?

The thinking behind the group brand, and our group mission and strategy is to help others through the hardship and myriad of issues faced by most start-ups. We have first hand experience, we have seen the pitfalls and felt the pain. So with our positioning and desire to help others, Salvador was an obvious choice of name.

How did it all start?

Salvador was a gentle movement; a lot of learning and a gathering of people who are all similar in their thinking. Natural progression led us to a point where forming the partnership was the most logical thing we could do.

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